My girlfriend’s starting to realise that American Apparel’s ads don’t actually have as much artistic merit as I always told her they did. This in turn is starting to cause problems at home. Thankfully Insight has stepped in to fill the void.

I really dig advertising campaigns which make me think back to art history class and being lectured on the difference of being nude as opposed to being naked: apparently one involves art and the other involves being 17, drinking too many UDLs and winding up with your pants around your ankles outside a house party with your friends cheering you on. In summary it’s ok to look at nude pictures in front of your girlfriend but nakedness perhaps isn’t so welcome.

So when Insight’s new Dopamine campaign dropped including surfing, skating and nudity it brought a smile to my face.

You probably think I’m just rolling with the whole sex sells gig, but what I’m actually trying to describe is how fucking spectacular I think the pictures are without sounding like I have a massive hard-on for the art director.

Re-creating famous skate locales in Bali, underwater graves, scuba cyclists, and topless fems on motor bikes under water!?…

If the average picture tells 1000 words – Insight’s Dopamine campaign happy snaps spew millions.

And it’s safe to say that the last line, is the character combo that the marketing-manager chucks in inverted commas and bolds out to his/her boss.

If the above and the below isn’t enough visual imagery to get you through your day suss: