Insane Footage From Space Station Shows Cyclone Debbie In Full Beast Mode

Cyclone Debbie is bearing down on Queensland as we speak, with reports of roofs starting to lift in the Whitsundays and winds “like freight trains” sweeping through tourist hotspot Hamilton Island

Now very cool – but equally unsettling – footage taken from the International Space Station has given a pretty clear indication of just how big this monster really is.

Uploaded to YouTube by Force 13, it shows swirling grey clouds forming just off the far north coast of QLD, where it’s expected to make landfall south of Bowen at around midday, with weather experts predicting that it’ll remain a category 4 system for at least 18 hours.
Check out the view from the ISS:

About 25,000 people in low-lying areas have been urged to evacuate their homes and head for higher ground ahead of Debbie’s touchdown.

While there are plenty of QLDers who are refusing to let the cyclone dampen their larrikin spirit, pretty *please* stay safe out there m8s. 
Photo: YouTube / Force 13.