There’s only a small window of time where surf conditions pre-cyclone go from “choppy” to “utterly fucked,” and one quite clear psycho up in Queensland apparently decided to dive head-first through it.

With Cyclone Debbie now lashing parts of the north Queensland coast, yesterday served as a day of preparation for residents as they bunkered down and braced for the coming storm.

Except one guy, that is, who took the arrival of a buttload of wind as an opportunity to bust out the wetsuit and go kite surfing, because why bother waiting for the storm to come to you when you can throw yourself into its maw instead?

The 7 News Queensland chopper captured footage of the unnamed person-with-deathwish cutting flips and jumps on their board as cyclonic water chopped up around them just off the coast of Bowen.

We get it: Sometimes the urge is too great and you just gotta get out there on the waves.

But hooley dooley, unless the aim here is to be blown clear out of the danger zone, then you’re probably better off limiting your cyclone activities to “a cup of tea” and “remaining alive.”

Source: 7 News Queensland/Twitter.