IM Conversation Confirms The Extent Of Terry Richardson’s Perviness

Considering today’s date we’ll approach this with all due caution/skepticism but Jezabel have published an alleged IM trail between noted skeez Terry Richardson and Felice Fawn, a model, photographer and retoucher who Richardson had solicited for a photo shoot. The resulting IM trail is both troubling, blunt and comically egotistical. The most pertinent of which, reads thus:

Terry Richardson: modelling is more then only a pretty face
Felice Fawn: Yeah of course
Terry Richardson: but most models do know how things go behind the scenes to get the fame
Terry Richardson: do you?
Felice Fawn: Maybe not, so tell me?
Terry Richardson: easy and simple, like i said, i am used to talk daily about it with the other models, it is sex drugs and rock & roll
Terry Richardson: dont tell me you do not know this
Felice Fawn: Yes I am aware, but I don’t do drugs and I certainly wont suck dick for fame.
Terry Richardson: thanks for the chat and wish you all the best, since there is only one real way for fame

There is only one real way to fame and it lives in Terry Richardson’s pants? Urgh. Read the whole thing over at Jezabel who are currently awaiting authentication from Fawn and comment from Richardson’s reps. If this conversation actually took place (sample line: i am a pervert like the rest in fashion) then this is one of the saddest industries in the world.