Terry Richardson Does A Tasteful Shoot And Confuses Everyone

No breasts? Girls over 18? We’re sorry, isn’t this meant to be a Terry Richardson shoot?

It is no secret that the internationally renowned fashion photographer has a certain soft spot for capturing the young, beautiful and slightly skanky through his lens. And it was only a few days ago that a leaked IM conversation revealed the true extent of how dirty the guy was. However, in a recent photoshoot for Spain’s high street fashion chain, Mango (or as us Aussies would refer to it, ‘MNG’) Richardson has gone all PC on us. Featuring the genetically blessed Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana, this latest shoot is decidedly tame. That doesn’t make the subject matter any less alluring. We’re just bemused.

Perhaps the old dog finally learning some new tricks? Or maybe he just get paid triple to do something different for a change. Watch sales of these clothes skyrocket in the next 24 hours.

See the tame photos via The Vine.

Title Image by Rachel Murray via Getty