Ice Cold Kim Jong-Un Has Own Uncle Executed

In proof that the vibe in North Korea remains decidedly un-chill, it is being reported that First Uncle Jang Song Taek has been executed by his nephew, (and noted scrub) Kim Jong-un.

The charges leveled against him by the Kim government include factionalism, corruption, substance abuse, anti-state activities (something his closest associates were executed for) and womanizing.
According to analysts however, the main reason for this cleansing of upper leadership is because Kim Jong-un was lime green jelly about Jang’s power and influence. Jang Song Taek was considered North Korean ‘second in command’ and more of a regent over the young and inexperienced ‘Dear Leader.’

This comes after a spate of reported public executions, Kim Jung-un’s girlfriend being killed and a cleansing of anyone, including other high-ranking officials and known associates of Jang, who may be perceived as a challenge to The Kim Jung-un Show.

State tv aired a video of Jang being dragged from his seat by two state officers during a meeting; a rare form of public humiliation for a previously high-ranking official. So at this point Jung-un’s leadership has descended into one giant dick swinging contest where, as South Korean President Park Geun-Hye put it, “North Korea is now engaged in a reign of terror while carrying out a massive purge to consolidate the power of Kim Jong-un.”

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