How To Nail The Sexy Lingerie Thing & Feel Shit-Hot Doing It

Lingerie has the power to make us feel like Victoria’s Secret models, no matter what our body shape. It also has the power to make us feel like a sausage.

While a lot of feeling great when it comes to lingerie comes down to confidence, there are tricks to nailing the right shape and style that’ll make you feel a million bucks.

We asked Porte-à-Vie founders Lisa Hilli and Kirstie Clements for their tips – since they’re literally around chic lingerie 24/7 for their jobs.


Look, you can wear any style of lingerie you want. But if you’re finding you lean toward, say, hipster g-strings and consistently feel terrible in them, it might be simply that you’re in the wrong style.

“While we wish there was a ‘one style fits and flatters all’, the most flattering and alluring underwear style is
entirely dependent on your body shape and what assets one would like to accentuate and flatter,” explains Kirstie.

If you’re an hourglass, think high waisted briefs and full cup or underwire bras. Pear shaped folk will find that ‘barely there’ briefs and bralettes really accentuate your figure. Straight-up-and-down?  Try lingerie that sits high on the waist, such as suspenders or high waisted briefs. Last but not least, those with an apple shape will love lingerie that’s floaty, such as chemises and bodysuits.


The trick to looking like you’ve had the best boob job in the world is simply in finding the right bra. However sooo many of us are wearing the wrong fit.

“Find a bra where you fill the cup entirely, without any gaping or double boobage, as this will hold your boobs exactly where and how you want them,” explains Lisa.

If you’re finding your spilling out of your cup, you need to go down a size. If you find gaping, go up a size. And if you find your bra back is giving you back rolls, you need to go up a size (a bra back that rides up means it’s too big).


While the Porte-A-Vie ladies stress that you’re sexy as hell, just as you are – they do have some sneaky tips for an added boost of confidence in the bedroom.

Lingerie is just as much about how it makes you feel as how it looks. Not everyone looks like a supermodel in
lingerie, and that’s ok because that’s not why we wear it,” says Kirstie. “The body needs no assistance in being drop dead gorgeous. However, if you need that extra jolt of confidence, the addition of a suspender belt, stockings and a stiletto will do the trick.”

Another tip? If you’re feeling self-conscious, try a sexy silk robe over your amazing getup to begin with. It can make entering the bedroom that little less daunting.


Just completely lost on the lingerie front?

“Universally flattering and a boudoir staple, a low leg stretch lace bodysuit is the little black dress of lingerie,” emphasises Lisa. “Stretch lace moulds to all body shapes and sizes, smoothing, tightening and enhancing. If you are unsure where to begin, a stretch lace bodysuit is a failsafe way to have you feeling confidently sexy.”