How To Clash Prints While Still Looking Fine

Produced in association with our mates at Miss Shop.
The ability to harmoniously clashing prints takes a certain je ne sais quoi that one can only be born with. For the rest of us mere mortals, we need to look beyond ourselves for guidance, which is where the latest instalment of the PEDESTRIAN.TV x Miss Shop Edit comes in.

If you’re not quite sure which trend you want to follow today – big hair, tribal, floral, geometric, bright sneakers, all of the colour, LEOPARD –

Why not channel your inner Nanny Fine and do ’em all? Go on, just layer it on. YOLO, right? Take your cues from our sassy minx Chanel Tsouras, who was shot here by Tim Swallow, impeccably styled by Nicki Colbran, whose luscious locks were tamed by Jasmin Lo.

Bluejuice Hot Damn Coat + Miss Shop Co-Ord Top + Miss Shop Co-Ord Shorts + American Apparel shirt (worn underneath) + Karen Walker earrings (worn throughout) + Celeste Tesoriero stone ring (worn throughout) + Emma Mulholland x Celeste Tesorioro fine rings (worn throughout) + American Apparel top (holding).
Bardot Leatherette Midi Skirt + Equipment shirt from Incu at The Galeries + Nike trainers from Hype DC + Stylist’s own gold turtleneck and socks.
Tokito Swoosh Sleeveless Shirt + Desert Designs pants + Karen Walker t-shirt (worn underneath) + Nike trainers from Incu at The Galeries + House of Holland sunglasses + Stylist’s own socks.
Miss Shop Daisy Playsuit + Emma Mulholland socks + Spring Court trainers + A.D. bomber + Stylist’s own turtleneck (worn underneath).
Tokito The News Bodycon Dress (worn underneath) + Hayley Elsaesser top and scarf.