Miss Shop Blogger Project: Lovemore

Elvis Presley apparently hated when Priscilla wore prints or bold colours. In this Sixties Pop chapter of the Miss Shop Blogger Project, Annabel Wendt of Lovemore sticks it to the King and dwells the Heartbreak Hotel on her own terms.

Created and shot by Thom Kerr, stylist Chris Leger colour blocks Annabel in tights and mini dresses with matching accessories. We’re flipping out over the cobalt floppy hat and Blue Juice cape. Signature 7 inch hair by Sina Velke and Dusty Springfield eyes by Rachael Brook.

Check out the Miss Shop Blogger Project site for product info and styling details. We caught up with Bel behind the scenes.

The music for the Miss Shop Blogger Project is supplied by Dune Rats from their “Social Atoms” and “Sexy Beach” Eps