Miss Shop Blogger Project: Spin Dizzy Fall

Pesticides commonly cause dizziness, as proven in this instalment of the Miss Shop Blogger Project.

Emma Lucey of Spin Dizzy Fall features Miss Shop’s Prim and Perverse trend, styled by Bex Sheers and shot by Elvis Di Fazio as a pinup girl with a penchant for pruning. Glamorous hair and striking makeup are thanks to Richard Kavanagh and Erin Shaw, deserving two finely manicured green thumbs up.

Go to the Miss Shop Blogger Project site to see other featured bloggers, updates of upcoming shoots, behind-the-scenes videos and styling tips as they’re released.

Check out the Miss Shop Blogger Project site for product info and styling details. Hear what Emma thought of the bad-girl-with-a-good-side shoot below.

The music for the Miss Shop Blogger Project is supplied by Dune Rats from their “Social Atoms” and “Sexy Beach” Eps