Hillary’s Doc Issues A Statement After Candidate Faints At A 9/11 Service

After speculation mounted about Hillary Clinton‘s health after she appeared to stumble and faint during her exit from a September 11 memorial event in New York City, the presidential candidate’s doctor has released a statement confirming that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and is currently recovering.

This is the first time this illness has been publicly mentioned, which appears to be the Clinton camp’s strategy right now, to be honest – don’t tell the press jack until it becomes an issue. It’s a marked difference to Trump’s strategy of saying whatever insane thought crosses his mind as soon as he thinks it.
This is unlikely to quell the crowd who think that Hillary has cancer/AIDS/a tropical hell virus and is due to die literally any minute now, but one thing is for certain: her health is now a ‘mainstream’ issue in the presidential campaign. That’s not great.
Source: ABC News.
Photo: Getty Images.