Here’s Your Crash-Course On When To Save / Splurge On Homewares

In a perfect world, we would have enough “fun cash” (you know, the kind that doesn’t immediately get shafted over to your rent/groceries/bills) to whack on retail counters at fancy-ass furniture boutiques in return for beautiful lounges and lamps and all the nice, nesting-apartment stuff.

Buttttt sadly, boring finance management means you can usually only go to town on a few A+ pieces. But what should you be saving up for and investing in, and where can you kinda wing it with a cheapie? PEDESTRIAN.TV chatted about all this with Emily Osmond, Editor of getinmyhome, since she’s been doing the interiors blogging thing for a while.



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This should just be obvious, mates. Scrimping on lounges and mattresses will just end in tears, especially if you love nothing more than a long, lazy night in front of the telly/sleeping minus back pain.
“You should be investing in great quality sofas, armchairs and of course mattresses,” says Emily. “You can spot cheap fabric a mile off, not to mention feel it when you get up close. It really brings down the aesthetic of a room. Plus, better quality generally means longer lasting comfort too.”
A well-made couch should be a bit springy but sturdy and never sink in. Go cheap and you run the risk of it losing it’s shape quick smart. Same goes for mattresses… really, if you think about it, you spend a lot of time (too much time?) sitting and lounging and having sex on these bebes. They kinda need to be high qual.


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You really don’t need to go out and spend loads on a coffee table, or bookshelf. Firstly, there are so many DIY ops on Pinterest that involve recycled wood or hacks of cheapie products, you’re pretty much set for next to nix. We’re not talking about buying a matching three piece faux-wood set or anything. This is one for the op shops.
“Timber with a little bit of wear and tear can make the wood look more interesting,” says Emily. “Spend some time exploring local vintage stores and op shops – I picked up several ‘shabby chic’ pieces full of character from a local op shop when I moved into my first place. And I still have them! I prefer this eclectic look so much more than a matching suite.”


Yeah, you read that right. You thought cushions were the one thing you could just pick up from the local $2 shop – but actually, high qual throw pillows make a major statement.
“Polyester inserts get very misshapen,” explains Emily. “Invest in gorgeous fabric cushions that have great quality down or feather inserts. They will look and feel much more luxe.”


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Not to say you want boring side tables. More that even the cheapie furniture stores are doing cool designs when it comes to these items, so you don’t need to go lush to get something that makes a statement. Plus, side tables don’t cop the same wear and tear as say, a coffee table.
“You can also find the most unique pieces at second hand stores that might not have been originally designed as side tables, but are so much more interesting than run of the mill pieces,” says Emily.



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Trust us, you’ll be praising the lifestyle gods down the track when your towel seems to be eternally fluffy and absorbent, and not 24/7 damp.
“If you only splurge on one thing, make it your towels. Cheap towels just do not absorb like quality ones do and are horrible to try and dry yourself with,” says Emily.


Plates, cups, glasses – the trend is eclectic and that means you can pick yours up from different sales and still have a cool setup. Obviously, stay within a theme like raw materials or florals, but other than that, go nuts.
I bought my different sets from Ikea and at a Freedom sale several years ago,” explains Emily. “I still love them, they still look great and they didn’t hurt the bank account!”

So there you go. You really can have your interior design cake and eat it too. Well, really you can have your interior design cake and still afford to eat. If you wanna just spend, spend, spend when it comes to your homewares though – why not hit up our comp right here? You could win a sweet pocketful of $20k.