An Adult-Sized Healthy Harold Beanie Exists & Imagine Buying Bags Off Someone In This

Healthy Harold

I’m here to inform you that Healthy Harold beanies for adults exist, so you can slap one on your noggin during a cold winter’s night and pretend you’re in primary school again.

In case you were robbed of an iconic childhood, Healthy Harold was a puppet giraffe that would travel to schools around Aus in a mobile classroom, educating children about drugs and alcohol. It was a way to arm kids with knowledge about the harmful effects of drinking, smoking and the like.

However, just like practically anything living on the internet these days – Healthy Harold has become a massive-fucking-meme. Probably because a lot of children who were scared shitless of drugs at seven, have likely tried a pinga since then (hopefully not while still in primary school though).

Hell, one of our staff even wrote about how she’s disappointed Harold since becoming a sesh-lord in her 20s.

Healthy Harold

But Life Education Australia (the folks behind Healthy Harold) are still doing the lord’s work and educating kiddos more than 40 years on. In fact, they know you can’t just tell kids to not take drugs, but you can educate them on the harms involved.

“We don’t expect that every student that sees us will ultimately make the best decisions, but we hope that we have an impact on many of them,” LEA’s CEO Kellie Sloan told PEDESTRIAN.TV back in 2019.

“We really believe that the way that we’re teaching and the way that we’re engaging with students is the best way of having that end result.”

So if you do buy one Healthy Harold’s merch beanies, remember that our giraffe lord is not just a meme but an education tool for the next generation of drug-takers…I mean healthy and responsible adults.

Head here to grab ya limited edition Healthy Harold beanie. Oh, and there are socks too.