Looking for new fitness gear now you’re a workout person thanks to iso? SAME. All I shop for right now is athleisure and pyjamas. A real vibe.

The brands are on it, too. They know we want the fitness gear and they know how to give it to us. Like First Base, who just announced their first capsule “made to order” collection.

It’s essentially about sustainability – by having products that are made to order, First Base can ensure minimal product wastage. Love this for us (and the planet).

Evolving our meaning of sustainable fashion and our commitment to reduce waste, we are stoked to release our first ever [Made To Order] capsule.

Basically place your order, and you’ll be shipped product from 30th May.

Some key pieces are these EXCELLENT looking trackie dacks:

Race Day Track Pant, $139

This heaps cute longline crop top and bike shorts set:

Power On Sports Crop, $99 and Sports Short, $129

And this EPIC terry towelling jumper that I need, omg:

Dunk Oversized Sweater, $139

There’s heaps more to the collection, check it all out here.

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