Serena Williams Still Annoyingly Good At Life, Casually Starts A Fashion Label

Some people are just over-achievers, don’t you think? Not content with being the GOAT in the tennis world, plus pushing out a fresh baby last year and scoring an invite to the Royal Wedding, Serena Williams decided to spend the beginning of 2018 winning her first Grand Slam match – and launching her own fashion label. As you bloody do.

Titled ‘Serena‘, it’s been in the making for decades for the ridiculously talented tennis star – she actually told the world on Instagram that she eased her way into tennis in order to attend fashion school.

Serena is all athleisure, all the time – understandably given Serena Williams’ lifestyle. Oh, and the fact that we literally cannot STOP with the fitness gear as fashion thing, can we.

There’s only a capsule collection on site currently, but it looks set up for that to expand. Here are some hero pieces.

Knockout Jacket, $285
Signature S Bralette, $59
Weekend Cropped Sweatshirt, $79
Varsity Zipper Dress, $257

Yes – the label ships to Australia with flat rate international shipping on offer – but if you’re keen I’d get in quick, sizes are already selling out. Check out the full range here.