People without chesticles, do not read this.


Bap-havers, hello. If you (like me) have two norks on your chest that are, well, not small, you’re probably familiar with the constant challenge of keeping those babies under control outside of the times where you’re wearing a very aggressive over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

Unfortunately for us big boobed folk, the old line “TFW you take your bra off after a long day” does not elicit sighs of relief for us. It, frankly, strikes the fear of God into our hearts.

See, for people with large boobas, not having support = potentially knocking out someones eye with a nip. Those gals swing all over the place, and while that sounds like a good ol’ fun time to the inexperienced – it’s not really a pleasant feeling, and it’s frankly a disaster waiting to happen. Once I actually hit my sister in the face with a boob when I turned around too quickly – true story.

Enter this bloody genius product – the Ta-Ta Towel. It is literally a towel with elasticated ends that you can wrap around a boob, fang over your neck, then tuck the other gal into. Yes, I hate the name too. But it’s brilliant and simple and goddamn why didn’t I think of this, I could be rich and living my dream life of running a self-sustainable eco-commune in the bush.

The Ta-Ta Towel was created by an LA-based gal who was dealing with the other big-boob issue – the summer sweats. She wanted something to wear while she flopped around the house getting ready, that would also absorb under-boob sweatiness. Yep, that’s a thing.

She created a DIY one with an old towel, saw a business op – and the rest is history.

Like myself, reviewers are quick to note that the Ta-Ta Towel has other benefits besides boob sweat management.

“The Ta-Ta Towel is such an amazing idea. As soon as I get home, I take off my bra and put on my Ta-Ta Towel. The comfort of my boobs being held up without a tight strap around my back is incredible,” one customer wrote.

One Ta-Ta Towel will set you back $56 – not including shipping, so it’s a bit of an investment. But honestly, can you put a price on comfort? Well, yes. But this is one cost that is surely worth it.

Image: Instagram / @tatatowels