This New Sweat-Proof Bra Can Soak Up 20ml Of Liquid Which Is Huge News For My Swampy Norks

modibodi sweat-proof bras new range

If you’re anything like me the absolute worst part of the weather warming back up is the swampy conditions it brings with it. Arguably the worst of the swamp season it is underboob sweat. When your tits feel like they’re swimming around in their own juices and is IMMEDIATELY noticeable on your clothes. Thankfully there’s now a sweatproof bra that can suck up all your unwanted schvitz and then some.

Modibodi — the same brand that does those incredibly comfy period knickers — has released a new bra that’s moisture-wicking and can suck up around 20ml of liquid at a time.

Honestly, that sounds like a dream. I’m not sure if my norks have ever worked up enough of a sweat to hit 20mls but it’s comforting to know I’d still be safe if I somehow did.

The new sweatproof bra will set you back $70 a pop. It comes in beige and black and they look like those super comfy t-shirt boulder holders that don’t cut in or stab you with any underwires.

When I went to check out the range (and put like three in my cart) I noticed the range is actually quite limited — a strange move considering Modibodi has typically been very inclusive with sizes in the past.

So I took it to Modibodi’s product and innovation director Charissa Lanham to find out what the deal was with the sweat-proof bra only ranging from a 10C to a 20C (with a couple of DDs thrown in for the 14-16 size range).

“When we made the Sweat-proof Bra it was a new category for us, we had no idea it would be so popular and so made it in a limited size range to test it out and see if people liked it,” she said.

“We have been overwhelmed by how popular it is and following so much feedback from our customers we are now reviewing the sizing on the bra so that for our run at the end of this year we have a wider range of sizing to suit everyone’s needs.

“We will be keeping our customers updated on our social channels and our website when new sizes are available.”

How good’s that! Those of us blessed with bigger baps will be able to get in on these sweat-proof soul savers in the not-too-distant future.