Some Easy Switch-Ups To Make Yr Beauty Routine A Little More Eco-Friendly

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

We’re definitely lucky to be witnessing an increase in beauty products that are environmentally conscious. People are starting to swap those pesky archaic and potentially-harmful routines with new practices that consider wastage, resources, recycling and sustainability.

Me @ unsustainable goods.

With this in mind, here are some quick and simple hacks to make your own beauty routine a little more environmentally friendly. Eco-froth.

Nay to hairdryer, yay to air-dryer

This one may be a bit tough if you’re on the run but, if you have time, air-drying obviously saves a lot of power and energy. Additionally, an air-dried look brings out your hair’s natural quirks and curls, which is definitely a plus.

Beach hair tings.

Ciao wasteful products, g’day packaging made from 100% recycled plastic

It’s no secret that total recycling is the way of the future, but many available products are still created form virgin plastics, subsequently damaging our ecosystems. The Love Beauty & Planet range, for example, uses bottles that are not only made from 100% recycled plastics, but are also 100% recyclable.

Don’t be like dis.

Bye disposable wipes, hello reusable ones

There are a plethora of face-cleansing loofah scrubs that not only allow for a deeper clean but also result in minimal waste. Two birds, one stone.

Being one with the loofah.

Adiós plastic toothbrush, hola biodegradable toothbrush

The turnover rate for plastic toothbrushes can be quite high, particularly if you’re a tough brusher like myself. That’s why a switch to bamboo and biodegradable toothbrushes is probably the most sustainable option. Both you pearly whites and the planet will have you smiling in the long run.

Bon voyage plastic razor, bonjour metal ones

Similarly, swapping to a safety metal razor rather than buying plastic ones will ultimately reduce your beauty routine waste. Besides, metal razors arguably execute a cleaner finish, so it’s a win-win.

These simple swaps will have you feeling groomed and guilt-free. But what do you already do in your general, daily life that helps the environment? Tell us below in 25 words or less, and you could win a luxury eco weekend for you and your mates. That’s winning.

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To find out more about the Love Beauty & Planet products and environment practices click here. It’s called self-care sweetie, for both you and the environment.

Now, let’s get on that mutual glow-up.