Try These 3 Products If You’ve Got A Straight, Dry Mop But Can’t Be Ceebed With A Hair Mask

dry hair
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People tell me how lucky I am to have straight hair about as often as I wind up watching Friends because it’s the only thing decent on prime time television. What they don’t know, however, is it’s hardly a get-up-and-go situation, because my dry hair makes it incredibly hard to look polished without attention.

This year, which I don’t need to remind you all about, I tried a few new beauty things. I let my leg hair grow out to see if it had the potential to curl (just something I’ve always wondered, really), gave one of those LED mask things a whirl and, finally, treated my scalp hair to some TLC.

Thanks to iso, I was able to go up to a week without washing it – which, for someone like me, was wild given how greasy it got simply overnight. Next, I tried a few moisturising products. I was realistic – I’m never going to sit naked in silence while a mask conditions my head. It had to be practical and fit in with what I did anyway.

Here’s what made some relatively good magic happen to my straight, dry hair.

A Protective Hair Straightener

dry hair

Panasonic Hydrating Hair Straightener ($179)

It’s pretty rare I go out in public without straightening my hair, even though it’s dead straight. Why? Because my hair is really, really dry, I possess copious amounts of flyaways and overnight the mane has a mind of its own.

Recently I swapped out my GHD for the Panasonic EH-HS99 Hydrating Hair Straightener which is designed to both moisturise and protect hair from damage with its ‘Nanoe’ technology. I know, foreign language – basically it draws moisture from the air to create mini water particles which penetrate the hair, resulting in hydration, shine and smoothness.

It’s odd and feels like it should cause an electric shock, but, speaking of shock, I think it works. I still had some flyaways but it’s a very different ballpark to before, which I think is due to the heat settings that my GHD doesn’t have, accompanied by the moisture tech. Given the reputation Panasonic has for this line of products – like the award-winning Advanced Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer (was $349, now $229) – I expected no less. Product looks chic too.

Decent Shampoo & Conditioner

Hask Hemp Oil Moisturising Shampoo ($11.69) and Hask Hemp Oil Moisturising Conditioner ($11.69)

Hair masks and the like are great and all, but my word they sit in my bathroom and never get used, because 10 minutes of sitting or standing around can seem like an eternity. For me, shampoo and conditioner is as good as it’s going to get when actually using something in my hair.

I’m using the Hask moisturising duo at the moment, which is a nice and welcomed change to just buying the cheapest shampoo and conditioner off the Woolies shelves. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that when I throw my hair up overnight, my hair isn’t like Doc from Back To The Future’s ‘do in the morning. For anyone who has to even straighten a pony tail, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

A Slick Stick

3 Pack Hair Finishing Stick ($19.21)

This one definitely sits in the ‘How am I only just finding out about this’ pile and I’m so angry at myself. For years, I wouldn’t even try and do a slick pony – I had to find the perfect time in between washes, try and comb the flyaways into the right spot and use hairspray to keep them there, and even dab water on it throughout the night to keep it looking sleek.

Too hard? Absolutely – I either just let my hair down (both literally and metaphorically) or went for a looser, more dishevelled look as if it was my intention. But earlier this year I was served a buttload of ads about these slick sticks and was intrigued. Affordable, and answers a beauty dilemma I’ve had ever since I ditched slut strands (blame the societal dictionary, not me) in Year 9.

They look like mascara, and use moisturising plant ingredients to lock down flyaways, baby hairs and stray ends. It’s not only a dream for up dos, it also works stunningly well when creating a defined part too. Couldn’t recommend them more. I have this one ($17), but imagine they all do the same thing no matter where you get it from. I’ve had mine since April and it’s still pumping, too.