Dries Van Noten, Alex Wang, Jeremy Scott Accessory Sale

It seems our options are virtually inexhaustible when it comes to being well-dressed, but Lord knows the bitchin accessories to accompany the clothes can be scarce in these parts.

Cue Final Episode, an online accessories store that favours innovative design, bold details and individualism, stocking esteemed designers from all over the globe. Online shopping is a lazy/busy/spontaneous person’s ultimate, and who likes to do more than is needed? No-one, asshole! So here you’ll find shoes, bags, jewellery and sunglasses that are elevated above just moderately cool. Really really. There’s Opening Ceremony, Alexander Wang and Dries Van Noten as well as our local homeboys Strummer and Tristan Blair and a bunch more.

Noteworthy are the theatrical shades by King of Fun, Jeremy Scott if you’re up for an attention-seeking way to deflect Australia’s harsh UV rays and avert pterygiums.

In a spritely display of generosity, Pedestrian readers are extended a 20% discount valid between now and next Monday, December 6. So dash over and punch in the (case sensitive) checkout code Pedestrian05sz if you want some sweet new playthings.


By Melissa Kenny