Australian fashion’s pin-up boy Dion Lee just touched down in London Town to make his London Fashion Week debut with a collection inspired by breathing and the movement of air, with shoes by Kanye West, styling by Christine Centenera and a film by Lorin Askill contributing to a so-far critically applauded choreographed performance/catwalk/installation/presentation.

The collection of fifteen labour-intensive pieces began with Lee’s signature take on tailoring, with menswear-style garments deconstructed to reveal tulle mesh panels that created a familiar Lee dynamic of internal/external structure that ran throughout the collection. Sheer organza overlays (especially those in red) gave an anatomical impression of flesh or soft muscle tissue, while light reflective fringe was draped and woven to give the impression of iridescent vein-like circulatory structures beneath the skin’s surface, which isn’t as grotesque as it sounds and is actually all kinds of radiant and wonderful.

For all its concern with breath and air, ‘Sequence Breathing‘ is anything but lightweight, drawing critical praise from British Vogue and earning Lee his first write-up on solidifying “Our Dion” as an international contender with an entirely deserved ‘one-to-watch’ status.

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