Daily Telegraph Make Another Kanye West Gaffe

Certified authority on all things Kanye West, the social/gossip column ‘Sydney Confidential’ at the Daily Telegraph, have struck journalistic gold twice now with yet another article on Kanye West’s time in Sydney.

This time, instead of racial slurs and spelling errors, Sydney Confidential have settled for defamation and the propagation of misinformation. For those of you playing along at home, we’ve numbered and noted a few key points of interest:

1. West is described by the Telegraph as “an RnB singer”.

2. Christine Centenera, previously misidentified as West’s “personal stylist”, is described as “a woman who looked to be pushing her own wardrobe to great lengths to gain some press attention.”

Have you seen Christine Centenera? There’s a reason why the epithet ‘street-style icon’ is so often attached to the “Harper’s Bizaar” [sic] stylist. Girl doesn’t need any more press attention. Especially this kind:

3. The article progresses to state that “Centenera, boyfriend Josh Goot nowhere to be seen, was spied slipping out of West’s dressing room at the Sydney Entertainment Centre following his Sydney show but it seems like the couple spent at least some time discussing fashion.” [Emphasis added]

The wholly defamatory inference here – that in Goot’s absence Centenera had cause to be ‘spied slipping out’ of West’s dressing room – coupled with the entirely speculative “it seems like the couple spent at least some time discussing fashion” is not only inflammatory bullshit but also kinda libelous. A source close to Centenera has stated that Goot was in fact at the show with Centenera, Edwards and half the Bazaar staff.

4. This one’s a doozy: SydCon then gives a little background on the relationship between West and Centenera, glazing over the latter’s role as a consultant on West’s “women’s fashion capsule bearing his name, although it has also been reported elsewhere that British designer Louise Goldin is designer of the collection… which is yet to materialise.” [Emphasis added and entirely necessary]

You guys! West showed his debut womenswear line at Paris Fashion Week in October 2011 – a fact apparently overlooked by the Telegraph, who even referenced the show and its lukewarm reception in the previous article as well as in a link embedded in the dead centre!

5. The article is titled “Harper’s Bazaar stylist Christine Centenera, stylist Pip Edwards and MTV’s Milly Gategno wanted Kanye West backstage.” All three of the women are described as “left swooning,” with backstage likened to a harem. Again, according to the above source, Kanye had a lady-companion flown out from Miami for the entirety of the Australia tour.

Nitpicking aside, The Telegraph never changed the previous article, nor did they ever return calls and emails that we left for comment. Three strikes and you’re out, right?