David Cross Becomes IRL Dr. Tobias Fünke In PSA Mocking Texas Anti Abortion Law

Husband and wife duo David Cross and Amber Tamblyn have released a PSA parodying the gross sounding word and ludicrous concept of a “gynotician”, mocking restrictive laws that harm women’s reproductive rights and delivering a stern and heavy message supporting pro choice.

Responding to the law that was fiercely contested by Senator Wendy Davis in an edifying, viral filibuster, but eventually passed in Texas—banning abortions over 20 weeks and effectively instigating widespread abortion clinic closures—David Cross takes on the persona of a judgmental doctor, dismissing his patient’s need of birth control because “women don’t have intercourse until they’re married, so you’re good to go.” He eventually succumbs to his patient’s need for birth control to ebb her endometriosis, prescribing her Viagra “so you can find a gentleman that will intercourse the cramps out of you, once you’re married.”

While the video may seem like some harmless poking of fun at a fucked up law by a man who once blue himself, it truly speaks volumes of the significant, harmful effects that the Texas law has forced on its women. Tamblyn told Entertainment Weekly that the video received harsh criticism, saying people thought, ” ‘This is just an ignorant celebrity couple making a video to support
their pro-abortion thoughts,’ [that] is so myopic and so terrible and
incorrect because it’s a tiny, tiny drop in the bucket of crap that is
that law. And that law more than
anything is about all the other aspects of women’s healthcare that it
blocks and destroys.”

Watch David Cross be his best analrapist Gynotician below:

Via EW.