An Etsy Store Is Offering Temp Tattoos Based On Your Insufferable Couple Photos

Love is gross and people in love, or in like, or in infatuation or whatever do revolting things all the time. The other day I shared an Oporto burger with my boyfriend. Like we bought one burger and we took turns taking bites out of it. Don’t worry, I’ll put myself in the bin.

Now, you can be the worst person everrrrr / the cutest in your own mind, and get your favourite photo of you + your bf/gf made into an illo, that’s then turned into a temporary tattoo.

Etsy store lilimandrill is gonna make bank real quick since her (pretty cute let’s be honest) illustration temp tatts have taken off online.

You basically send the store pics of you, or a pic of the two of you that you love, and they’ll fashion it into a bunch of teeny temporary tattoos. Or stamps!

Or mugs!

Vomit! Vomit everywhere at this public display of affection!

If you’re forever alone or just really into your cats (or forever alone AND really into your cats, which is truly the ultimate vibe), you can also get those turned into tatts.

Or your best mate – whoever or whatever, really. Buy this exact one of a creepy child, I dare you!

They don’t come cheap – lilimandrill is based in France so there’s shipping costs, PLUS it’s all hand-drawn and the stamps for example are hand carved, meaning there’s some $$$ you’ve gotta throw down. You’re looking at around $100+, basically.

But hey, can you put a price on making everyone around you projectile over your love? No. That’s priceless content for life.