Cotton On Has Released A Very Kim Craig ‘Foxy Lady’ Tee So Go Grab One Two Sizes Too Small

Heads up, hornbags. If you’re looking for some new foxy lady rags to wear around the house, with the throi on the carch, maybe down to Fountain Gate, you’re gonna want to get yourself into Cotton On toot sweet.

They’re flogging off Foxy Lady shirts now, so you can wear the ultimate Kel Knight compliment across your chest. Yep, you ARE a foxy lady, and the sausage king of Fountain Lakes will tell you at every moment possible. Only eyes for you, sweets.

Hell, it looks comfy enough to jump on the cross-trainer to keep yourself trim. Definitely doesn’t make a foxy lady a crim for wanting to keep trim, and you can go ahead and tell that to Kim.

kath and kimn foxy lady tee
Givvus toot sweet.

The tizzy tees are a part of the new empowerment range that’s just dropped in stores ahead of International Womens Day, and so until March 8, $10 from every shirt sold goes to the Cotton On Foundation, which helps to educate young people across outback Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and Southern Uganda.

The foxy lady tee/uniform will set you back a tight $20 instore or on the Cotton On website, which is probably the amount Brett would spend on a new toy for Cujo anyway so it all evens out, right?

As always, it’s always good to feel noice, different, and unusual, isn’t it.