Listen Up, Hornbags: Today Is Looking For Australia’s ‘Yugest Kath & Kim Fan So Look At Moiye

Okay peoples! Gather round in the good room, toot suite. We’ve gotta bang our heads together re. a noice, different, unewsual Kath & Kim opportunity.

A lovely lass by the name of Lydia Bilton swung the janky screen door open at the Kath & Kim Facebook Group (if you don’t instantly hear the sliding screen door sound in your head, you need not apply) and left us this pome.

Writing to Da Kath & Kim Appreciation Society, she said:

You’re a hornbag
I’m a fool
If you come back I’ll put in a heated spa.

‘Yumour, I’m using ‘yumour!

Look, no, she actually said this:

Look at moi, look at moi…
Hello peoples, my name is Lydia. I’m a producer at the Today Show in Sydney.
To celebrate 20 years of our favourite foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes, I’m searching for Australia’s biggest Kath & Kim superfan!
So if you’re a hornbag who knows every episode by heart and has every piece of merchandise – please send me a DM and we will organise for you to be involved in a very special project with Karl and Ally.
Hope to hear from you all soon…
Fingers and toes!

Does this sound like you?

Could you quote every fabulous foxy scene from this great Australia drama (albeit comedy-drama)? Sorry Mary Bryant, you come second banana to this BlackBerry.

Do you have tickets on yourself as a Kath & Kim fan and can whip out pieces of iconic memorabilia?

Are you on the strict Kimberly Craig nee Day diet of eating whatever you like whenever you like, as long as it’s glutten-free?

Say you’re getting tizzy for a night out with Barb Cousins and the gang (in spite of her personal hygiene), do you don your noicest personalised tote and order a Slow Screw Against The Wall?

If so, get in touch with Lydia and tell her your story:

Good gurl, Lyds. Good guuuuurl.