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Recently, I came across a TikTok video that talked about how the older we get, the more we let our hobbies fall by the wayside — and how much joy it can bring us to pick them back up as adults. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I needed more activities aside from scrolling TikTok. Enter: Cardigang.

Cardigang is a quirky little fashion brand out of Melbourne that makes DIY knitting and crochet kits. Perfect for everyone, from beginners to expert needlers, Cardigang’s DIY kits give you everything you need to learn how to knit or crochet cute pieces like cardigans, vests, tops, bags and bucket hats.

New Year, New Hobby: Impress Yr Nanna By Finishing One Of These DIY Knitting & Crochet Kits

Blosson Tank Knit Kit, $100

Each kit comes with incredibly easy-to-follow instructions (seriously, if I can follow ’em, you can) and one-on-one support if you get really stuck.

Friends, knitting is no longer just for nanna, although she will be very impressed with your new skillz.

Cardigang’s summer cotton range features bright, bold colours for the dopamine hit we’re all constantly chasing, and the designs are as stylish as they are cute. Just look at them.

New Year, New Hobby: Impress Yr Nanna By Finishing One Of These DIY Knitting & Crochet Kits

Daisy Crochet Knit, $290

Made from 100% natural fibres, the new summer chunky cotton range isn’t as sweaty as it sounds. It’s surprisingly comfortable, cool and super breathable, so you can wear these little babies year-round.

And while knocking out one of their knits might be fast, this form of fashion isn’t. Cardigang aims to fill your closet with statement pieces you can create with your own hands (full bragging rights are free of charge).

Keen to join the Cardigang? You can shop knitting and crochet kits here.

Image: Cardigang