Cardigang’s Hosting Knitting & Crochet Workshops In Sydney If Ya Wanna Kit Out Yr Winter ’Drobe

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I’ve been down a deep crochet rabbit hole these last few months, dreaming of a world where I’ve got enough coordination to string together enough wool to make one of those sick homemade vests or scarves like the gals on TikTok do. But, no matter how many hours I spend watching instructional YouTube videos, something just doesn’t click in my lil’ head.

If any of y’all are with me on this, I’ve got a whole ‘lotta good news coming for you. Cardigang — the sick brand responsible for selling fool-proof DIY knitting/crochet kits — are slinging all-inclusive crochet/knitting workshops in Waterloo, Sydney this weekend (July 1st and 2nd) and August 5th and 6th to up your skills.

With tickets going for a cheeky $80, it’s a small price to pay to get an all-inclusive 90-minute workshop with Cat and Morgan from Cardigang, who will walk you through all the basics of your chosen craft while you make your very own beanie valued at $70 and have a yarn with other first-time makers. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions on your mind aka which fucking way to thread your wool (my personal downfall) that an online tutorial just doesn’t offer.

To cap things off strong, you’ll also get a $30 Cardigang voucher to take home, so you can continue to hone your craft with one of the brand’s idiot-proof DIY kits. Fitted with easy-to-follow instructions, one-on-one support if you get stuck and all the materials you’ll need, they’re a great way to ease into the world of string craft without over-committing.


Suzie Jumper Knit Kit, $260

Plus, the types of kits they have on offer will have you creating homemade scarves, cardigans, jumpers and knit vests that’ll keep you warm all winter. And while knocking out one of their knits might be fast, this form of fashion isn’t. Cardigang aims to fill your closet with statement pieces you can create with your own hands (full bragging rights are free of charge).

Keen to join the Cardigang? You can shop knitting and crochet kits here or nab tix to the crochet / knitting workshops here.