Camilla Franks, purveyor of shimmery, flowy, and exxy garments, has revealed she’s hired full-time security to guard several of her Sydney outlets after an unfortunate history of brazen thefts.

The move comes after a woman allegedly pilfered bags full of dresses and kaftans from the wildly popular brand’s Paddington warehouse sale while pretending to be a security guard last month.

The queue for the @camillawithlove warehouse sale ??#queuelife #camillasale #mustwantitbad

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Of course, that’s not even mentioning the bloody ramraids Camilla stores suffered a few years back. Ramraids. For kaftans. 

Speaking to Fairfax, Franks says the muscle has been installed at her Bondi and Paddington stores. Boots are also on the ground 24/7 at the cult Australian brand’s new home base over in Alexandria. 

Franks revealed the new security regimen means “I can sleep at night,” and also emphasised the personal importance of the threads, saying “for us they are sacred.

“We work so hard on developing, designing, producing and marketing them that it’s heartbreaking when this happens.”

As for that recent five-finger discount at the warehouse sale, Franks let on that “it’s a compliment in a really funny way.” A compliment which could have conceivably ended up with losses in the thousands, but hey. 

FWIW, there’s no word on whether the guards will be required to wear some kind of vibrantly-patterned shawl as part of their uniforms. 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: @CamillaWithLove / Instagram.