Blonde Anne Of Green Gables Makeover Is An Abomination

Apparently some publishing house art director with a foot for a brain had the guile to re-imagine Green Gables’ most beloved fictional resident, Anne Of Green Gables, into an L.L. Bean catalogue model/pseudo-farm-y wife candidate from television’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

People who’ve read and therefore love Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic novel are up in arms over a new front cover image produced by a publisher listed as ‘CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform’ on Amazon.

I hate to be one of those inflexible backward types who are completely resistant to change but since I AM I’d like to express my outrage over the fact that on the cover Anne has been given BLONDE hair [dude, the fact Anne has AUBURN hair is only a MAJOR ongoing plot point of the book] and a CHECKED SHIRT which is ludicrously insensitive to the period in which the novel is set (the early 1900s).

Here is the new updated cover via and it blows:

This is where it’s at: