These 15 Cropped Hoodies Are The Perfect Attire For That Mid-Autumn Jog You’ll Probs Never Do

cropped hoodies
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We’ve officially hit that stage of the year when it’s no longer hot as balls but it’s not exactly cold either. This is the type of weather that can inspire some of us (not me) to finally head outside for that jog they’ve been putting off all year. If you’re one of those people that sweats profusely but still somehow feels chilly during a workout, there’s only one piece of clothing that’ll save you – a cropped hoodie. Then all you need to do is slide into your favourite workout tights and you’re good to go.

cropped hoodie

Yes, the cropped hoodie is the ultimate indecisive wardrobe piece. It says ‘I’m not really sure what the hell my body temperature is and I’m at a loss for how to dress myself today.’ It also gives you the best of both worlds – warm toasty arms with a light breeze shooting up past your tum to cool you down. Bliss.

If you’re looking for the best styles of this elusive hoodie, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Behold, 15 of the top picks in every size, shape and colour that may or may not inspire you to pound the pavement this weekend.

L’URV Hidden Valley Hoodie, $63.90

cropped hoodie

RY7E Cropped Hoodie, $89

OnebyOne Paros Cropped Hoodie, $104.95

Gymshark Training Crop, $55 

ASOS Lasula Plus-Size Crop, $6 8

cropped hoodie

Do You Even Freedom Cropped Hoodie, $31.50

Lululemon All Yours Cropped Crew LNY, $109 

cropped hoodie

adidas 3-Stripes Micro Hoodie, $90

cropped hoodie

Meshki Chenille Crop, $44

cropped hoodie

ASOS Chelsea Peers Plus-Size Crop, $27 

Elizabeth Zip Through Hoodie, $35

cropped hoodie

Adidas Crop, $90 

Cotton On Rib Cropped Hoodie, $19 

cropped hoodie

Puma Training Crop, $100 

Drawstring Cropped Hoodie, $30 

Autumn weather thought it had us there for a second but we really did go and put it in its place. Cropped hoodies are the antidote to indecisive weather – you heard it here first. Now go strap on those runners and do the damn thing.