I’m a bit of a mascara hoarder, which is gross because you’re technically meant to throw those babies out every 3 months. Which I… don’t do. Instead, I just have like 6 on the go at any one time, never committing, never finding ~the One~ – which is also the way I conduct my love life because I’M A HOT MESS.

When Benefit announced they were dropping another mascara, my lash-obsessed ears pricked up. ICYMI, Benefit are renowned for their epic mascaras. They’re Real! and Roller Lash are highly coveted by many of the biggest and best beauty aficionados in the world. So there was good reason for me to be hyped about Benefit BADgal Bang! mascara.

It’s been met with rave reviews globally and a heck of a lot of road tests that fully show it’s capabilities, so I figured I’d make the office trial the new beb too, and show you the results.


Lash Type: Mid-length, straight.

The bristles on this brush were so tiny, I thought ‘How is this even going to change anything?’ but the smaller brush actually made it less clumpy (especially when compared to Benefit’s They’re Real which has a big brush). The mascara went on smoothly and noticeably lengthened my lashes with one swipe.


Lash Type: Short, straight

I think I was most impressed with how the bendy brush lifted my eyelashes. It got right into the root, too so I didn’t have that half-eyelash mascara look. That being said it’s easy to get this all over your eyelid, so I had to go in with remover after applying.


Lash Type: Mid-length, slight curl, lighter on ends.

I usually have to curl my lashes up and chuck a bunch of mascara on to get my lashes looking good, this one was like a couple of swipes, and the product really made my eyes pop. No curler or anything. It takes a little bit to get it sitting right and not find my lashes sticking together. The tapered spoolie was great because I find I always end up poking myself in the eye trying to get the lashes closer to the inner corner.


Lash Type: Long, curly.

My eyelashes are curly but not particularly thick. I like that this mascara separates and lengthens my lashes in a really natural way. The streamline brush shape also makes it a lot easier to get to my bottom lashes which are not naturally long. 


Lash Type: Short, straight.

The mascara definitely made my lashes seem thicker and longer. Definitely felt like a badass on a Friday night!


Lash Type: Short, straight

It’s funny because other people in the office found this mascara clumpy, but for me it really separated and lengthened my eyelashes. I wouldn’t say I got a lot of volume out of it, but the length is insane and the colour is so jet-black I only needed a few swipes.



Lash Type: Mid-length, straight.

I am sold. The length is unreal – they almost touch my eyebrow now. I also like that I did not have to put on 1000 layers to make a difference – just a few swipes.


Lash type: Short, slight curl.

I curl my lashes every day, because I can’t stand them sticking straight out. I feel like I would still want to do this while using this mascara, but it’s definitely added more lift than most of the ones I’ve tried. I’m really impressed with the lengthening here. 


Lash Type: XXX


Lash Type: Long, straight.

It’s always a struggle to find a mascara that lifts my lashes without weighing them down and bulking them up. This mascara curled them way up which was amazing – but they were a touch clumpy. I’d wear it on a night out, where my eye makeup is heavier and suits a bulkier mascara look.


Lash Type: Long, straight.

My eyelashes are pretty long and straight-ish so mascara generally helps to makes them look a lot more full. This mascara added a lot more length which is nice, although it potentially would be a bit extreme for my day time vibes. V good for night time vibes.

Image: Supplied