Urban Decay Says Its New Mascara Is So Long-Wear, It’ll Survive Break Up Sex

Mascara-wearers, your new MVP is (almost) in the house.

Everyone’s fave cult beauty brand Urban Decay is back at it again with the iconic products, this time dropping a new mascara that they’re claiming can outlast long, hot nights of torrid sex. Or, you know, depressing teary break-up sex.

Meet Troublemaker mascara, which according to the brand, is literally “sex-proof”.

“Troublemaker holds up in hot and heavy situations and still looks good in the morning. We tested it ourselves, and it lasted through saunas, snowboarding and sex!” they insist on their site.

Troublemaker mascara works thanks to a formula using lightweight fibres, which add length and thickness to your natural lashes without weighing them down.

We infused Troublemaker Mascara with a combination of hollow silica and ultralight fibres to volumise without weighing down your lashes. Vitamin E and panthenol nourish and condition, and a combination of polymers helps the mascara adhere to your lashes for lasting wear—no flaking, smearing or smudging.

They’ve also created a custom brush that tbh, sounds like a bloody dream.

Our killer custom brush is unlike any you’ve ever tried. We designed it to comb and separate lashes to make it look like you have more of them! Tiny precision hooks grab lashes to pull the product through—for an instant lash-multiplying effect. The brush actually fans out lashes as it coats them, separating and curling each lash while laying down the perfect amount of mascara. And it’s designed to reach even tiny inner-corner lashes, no matter which way you hold it.

Fans of UD are well across their Perversion mascara from a couple of years back. It became a firm favourite for lovers of the brand due to it’s pigment intensity and super bristly brush – huge, black as night lashes for all. So to release one they claim is better is a big call.

There’s no set date for the mascara to hit stores as yet, but you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be the first in line at Mecca when it hits Aussie shores.