Robert E. Kelly, a professor at South Korea’s Pusan University, has been asked a fair few questions by the media over the past week. The first was relatively innocuous: what did he make of the nation’s leadership turmoil? 

Then… well.

After his children interrupted his answer during his now-infamous interview with the BBC, the questions changed: Can you clarify the identity of the woman who was seen scrambling to grab the kids? Why was the door left unlocked? Were you wearing pants?

Thankfully, Kelly has been granted the chance to answer up the final remaining q’s regarding the instantly viral ‘BBC Dad’ interview. After a press conference held at his workplace, a nice lil’ interview with the New York Times, and a post to his own blog, we now have answers.

Most importantly: yes, he was wearing pants. There was speculation he didn’t shoo lil’ Marion out of the room due to his breeze-feelin’ ways, but Kelly writes “yes, I was wearing pants.”

“I choose not to stand, because I was trying to salvage the interview.”
Fair enough, we reckon. Also: the map is real and not a prop. He uses it to learn Korean place names. Similarly, that is a bed behind him, which he keeps around ’cause the kids like to play on it. Really. 

As for his decision to gently push Marion out of view of the camera, Kelly reckons “I was trying to slide Marion behind the chair because we have toys and books in the room” that she might be distracted by.

As for the cavalcade of hot takes to have emerged from the incident, Kelly says he and wife Kim Jung-A are definitely not “interested in politicizing this or having this provoke a backlash,” and they’re “not really keen on this becoming the subject of some aspiring sociologist’s dissertation.”

Despite the fact they’ve spoken to the media about the seriously funny clip on their own terms, Kelly has also admitted it may be time to give it a rest. He says “we have been buried in phone calls,” and “we are doing the best we can” to handle enquiries. 

“Some have asked for interviews in our home. At this point, we are unready for that.

“We are hoping to return to normality in the next few days. Perhaps next week if there is still interest.”
There you go – just a normal dude, with a normal family, who’s reacting normally to such a bizarre situation.

And he was wearing normal trousers, thank you very much.