BBC Kid’s Fierce Press Conference Look Has Inspired A Fresh Load Of Memes

Takes and countertakes poured forth after Professor Robert E. Kelly was interrupted by his two sprogs during a live interview with the BBC, and the planet – including the family itself – is more-or-less over the idea of mining the clip for sociological significance. 


That being said, the memes aren’t done. The memes are never done. And the internet has, once again, gone boonta over just how cute Kelly’s daughter Marion is. 

Footage of Kelly, wife Kim Jung-A, Marion and lil’ James fronting a press conference at his workplace Pusan University about the incident has been absolutely ransacked for content, mostly because the “hippity-hopitty” Marion traded her yellow jumper for a cool-as-hell trenchcoat and DGAF ‘tude.

Expect this kind of deal to pop up every time she shows her face from now until the heat death of the universe.

Photo: @TheDaiLlew / Twitter.