Banksy Continues To Freak New Yorkers Out With Grim Reaper In A Bumper Car Installation

After startling Meatpacking District pedestrians with an ostentatious slaughterhouse truck carrying shrieking stuffed animals, providing a brutal death to precious Disney pet Dumbo and then later infuriating New Yorkers after highlighting a cringe-worthy, missed opportunity, Banksy has added to his provocative New York residency “Better Out Than In” by setting up a frightening Grim Reaper-esque skeleton in a bumper car on Houston Street, NYC.

Emerging at dusk until midnight for three nights, the installation has already attracted impressive crowds. Fans of the prolifically elusive street artist have been drawn to the genuinely creepy incarnation of Death highlighted by glaring disco lights and with jerky movements set to Blue Öyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper”.

Perpetually upholding his signature tongue in cheek, Banksy’s audio guide to the work says, “It is often said that the role of art is to remind us of our mortality. Banksy’s take on that seems to be mounting an art show that goes on for so long, we all wish we were dead already.” 

You win this round, Banksy. Watch Reaper below.