Aussie Label Helps More Women In Need After Duchess Wears Their Jeans

Outland Denim

Aussie ethical fashion label, Outland Denim is the latest (but certainly not the last) to feel the ~ Meghan Effect ~ after the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle wore a pair of their jeans during her visit to Australia with Prince Harry. 

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Outland Denim, initially called the Denim Project, was created in 2011 after co-founder and CEO James Bartle witnessed firsthand the horrors of sex trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand. When he found out that these women learned how to sew as part of their rehabilitation at anti-trafficking organisation Destiny Rescue, Bartle founded a sewing operation for the women to apply to if they were interested in the job.

Outland Denim gives these women the chance at independence in a safe and supportive work environment where counselling and in-house development programs are available.

While Outland Denim’s flagship store is in Australia, the production facility is based in Cambodia.

The label received an A+ grade in the 2018 Ethical Fashion Report. This grade is determined by an organisation’s ability to uphold employee rights such as the right to a safe work environment, a living wage, and the freedom from exploitation, forced and child labour.

After Markle wore their jeans, Bartle revealed to Studio 10 that their website had a 1000 per cent increase in traffic which resulted in a 1000 per cent increase in sales in the first 48 hours.

Surprise, surprise the high-rise Harriet in black sold out within hours.

Now, the denim label has shared the excellent news that all those extra sales has helped contribute to the hiring of at least 15 new seamstresses in their Cambodian facility.

Outland Denim shared a picture of Markle in the jeans with the caption: “Thanks to the Duchess’ choice in denim, we’re pleased to announce that it will be possible to employ a further 15 to 30 seamstresses in our Cambodian production house in the coming weeks, and the recruitment process has already begun.” 

You can learn more about Outland Denim and their mission, HERE