If I had the money and the time, I’d get facials every week. There’s something about giving your skin some TLC that regenerates the SOUL, not to be dramatic about it or anything. But because I’m usually broke and often disorganised, at home facial gear is really a vibe for me.

Over the years, I’ve used heaps of gadgets and tools – some worked, some haven’t. I have to be honest, there is no point investing in any of these if you don’t have the follow through to actually, you know, use them regularly. No at home facial tech will come cheap, and if it does it’s unlikely to be very good.

All of that being said, if you’re looking to ramp up your night time skincare routine, or just want to give your face some extra attention while still bingeing Selling Sunset (mood) here are a few of my at home facial faves.

1. FOREO Bear

A device that is essentially like a lil’ massager, the microcurrents (not painful! I swear!) work to firm and tone skin, which is great for stuff like first signs of ageing and so on. There are even toning workouts you can access on your phone via the FOREO app, to help you with how to use it most effectively.

2. Skin Gym Goldie

Look scary? It’s not – those peaks aren’t stabby, but are designed to stimulate collagen production, which starts ebbing off as you get into your 20s (ugh). You use this one in conjunction with a serum or moisturiser, rolling it over your face slowly morning and night.

3. NuFACE Trinity Device

Another microcurrent device, the beauty of the Trinity is that it has multiple attachments you can also buy that will work on targeted areas. My favourite is the ELE attachment, that gets right on your eye area. This device is a bit more intense than the Bear, but does show results a little faster. It’s a five minute use vibe, which is also great if you’re time poor.

4. Derma Roller

Derma rollers have been around for a while, and while I don’t really use mine very often I did find it super easy to incorporate into my skincare routine. They basically use tiny “needles” of titanium, which sounds terrifying but you barely feel it. These, like other devices, help to stimulate collagen in the skin, and can also help with blood circulation.


Another FOREO beauty, this device works with sheet masks and LED light and heat. Basically, you can buy these mini circular sheet masks that go over the top, and the 90 second blast of tech helps infuse ingredients the same was a 20 minute treatment would. WILD, right!?

I’ve also used this with my own sheet masks, and while it’s a little harder to navigate since they’re not attached to the device, it still works!

6. Clarisonic Mia Fit

Clarisonic cleansing devices have been a mainstay in my skincare routine for years. The waterproof designs mean you can just get them going in the shower when you usually cleanse your face, and they do a brilliant job of sloughing off dead skin cells and getting rid of all makeup traces.

The Mia Fit is on the cheaper end of the scale, and perfect for travelling with, too.

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