ASOS Have A House Band Now

Afraid not to push the envelope, rip it to shreds, then burn those shreds in an oil made from really weird ideas, online fashion retailer ASOS has just made history by becoming what surely must be the first fashion brand in the world to enlist its very own house band.

I mean, I guess? If Jimmy Fallon can have one, why can’t they?

ASOS have secured the talents (and extensive wig collections) of British musical-comedy troupe Man Like Me, aka Johnny Langer and Peter Duffy, to help you forget how depressing your life/job is with a series of silly observational ditties about first world problems and fashion.

Like The Lonely Island, The Mighty Boosh and Flight of The Cochords, these witty Brits unafraid of cross-dressing combine the ability to write jokes with the ability to write synth basslines to craft absurd earworms about the trials and tribulations of modern life. The series, streaming exclusively on, touches on relateable modern issues such as fashion face offs (“Frock Off”), celebrity worship (“Me, My Girl and Ryan (Gosling)”), the challenge of buying Christmas presents (“Wrap It Up”) and our obsession with pet photos (“Heavy Petting”).

But it’s not just songs. In November, will premiere The House Band’s new music video for “Supersonic” starring Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh. Keep an eye out for that.       

The residency starts RIGHT NOW with the unveiling of their acronym exploring first single, “LOLROFLOMFGLMFAO”. Yep. Seven more where that came from, to be released each Friday.

The House Band series is yet another crazy initiative from ASOS’ #todayis campaign, designed to illustrate the endless possibilities of each day. Visit to find out more.