Andrej Pejic Has Launched A Line Of Unisex Jewellery

Serbian-born Australian supermodel and poster child for androgyny, Andrej Pejic has this weekend launched a line of minimalist, unisex, 3D-printed statement jewellery in a collaboration with the label Sam H Snyder. 
It’s another step in the right direction for Pejic as she further diversifies a CV that has included appearances in a David Bowie video, on TV and in a documentarian reality show; holding court in an audience with The Queen, appearing in campaigns for Marc Jacobs and on high-profilehaute couture runways of the kind that place her squarely at the centre of an industry on the precipice of change – at least where perceptions of gender are concerned. 
Speaking once again with New York Magazine, Pejic – who now identifies with female-specific pronouns – describes her decision to devote the proceeds of the collaboration to a homeless LGBT youth charity having seen for the first time the essential documentary Paris Is Burning, the building of Andrej Pejic the brand through an imminent tell-all autobiography, further creative collaborations, and navigating (and manipulating) the fluid waters of gender, identity and sexuality in a society that is still very much playing catch-up
Like the campaign images featured below, the interview is, as always, highly-intriguing. You can read the full Q&A here.
via The Cut