A Meteor (Or Alien Spacecraft) Might Have Exploded Over QLD Last Night

There’s heavy speculation there was some kind of meteor strike in Queensland last night, after reports emerged from the state’s centre of a large bang, a flash in the sky and shaking ground.

Astronomer Owen Bennedict, from the privately-operated Wappa Falls Observatory, says he received reports from a 100-kilometre radius of the blast, which he believes was caused by a hunk of space rock either hitting the earth or exploding in the atmosphere.
“It sounded a lot like a sonic boom, which would make sense if something was travelling too fast into the atmosphere,” Queenslander Lanky Jones told the Courier-Mail.
“I don’t know what it was, whether a meteorite or piece of space junk, I didn’t feel the tremor but the sound suggests something came down to earth. It’s definitely not something you see every day.”

Cops apparently received multiple calls from the area surrounding Gladstone about the flash of light. Geosciences Australia have confirmed there wasn’t an earthquake, which means it was – according to us, experienced astronomers and geologists – the early sparks of some kind of enormous alien invasion of Queensland.
Why have our friends from the stars chosen to invade central Queensland? It’s too early to tell. But they’re absolutely coming. If Sydney can cop an invasion in Independence Day 2, then Queensland is surely next. For their part, the Queensland cops aren’t taking this seriously enough:

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Source: Courier-Mail.
Photo: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.