A Very ‘Independence Day’-Looking Meteor Lit Up Skies Over The NT Last Night

If you’re looking to be awestruck by the awesome power of nature, you simply cannot look past the humble meteor — a random accumulation of space debris that ignites spectacularly upon entering our atmosphere. Most of the time, these present as shooting stars; small and distant but not nothing to write home about. Sometimes though, they are abso-goddamn-lutely fucking bonkers, like this meteor that did a pretty good imitation of a malfunctioning alien spaceship in the skies above Alice Springs and Tennant Creek in the NT last night:

After hearing reports of something weird in the sky, NT Police managed to find the footage after checking their CCTV cameras. NT Police duty superintendent James O’Brien told ABC News that they were sceptical about the reports at first: “We were a bit dubious about it. But then we started looking around our CCTV and the one in Tennant Creek sees this beautiful purple light coming down.

Other police CCTV footage showed the sky briefly being lit up:

While it definitely would have been cooler if this was aliens, it’s still pretty cool as is, I reckon.