G’day To The Blazing Meteor That Interrupted 7NEWS Sydney’s Live Broadcast Last Night

In what can only be interpreted as a dread omen of great significance, an extremely bright meteor was seen hurtling across Sydney’s skies last night.

The fireball ripped over NSW around 6.45pm, dazzling astronomers and adding a bit of sparkle to Australia’s next dashcam compilation video.

Footage from the Mount Stromlo Observatory, situated just west of Canberra, shows the thing going like stink through inky black skies.

At least two drivers were also lucky enough to capture the thing on their dashcams.

I cannot stress this enough: Turn your volume on for that second video.


Against all the odds, 7NEWS Sydney also captured the phenomena.

The Sydney studio’s backdrop, which shows a live feed of the city’s skyline, showcased the meteor during last night’s broadcast.

As such, viewers were treated to imagery of the meteor surging directly towards presenter Mark Ferguson‘s head.

via 7NEWS Sydney

Thankfully, Ferguson emerged unharmed.

Speaking to the ABC, Doctor Brad Tucker, an astronomer up at the Mount Stromlo observatory, said the light show was most likely caused by a space rock deciding it no longer wanted to be in space.

Fragments of the little bastard are likely strewn across farmland or the bush, he said. Hunting for extra-terrestrial mineral fragments might be a fun afternoon activity.