Bonkers Big Meteor Over Michigan Triggers 2.0-Magnitude Earthquake

I’m not going to mince my words here: meteors are fucked up. Giant pieces of rock hurtling through space at terrifying speeds to ultimately enter the atmosphere of our planet? The very planet we live on?? No. No thank you. Not interested.

While they might occasionally provide a dazzling light display as they burn through our atmosphere (the cosmic, alien beauty of which reminds us that there is much, much more to the universe than that which we experience on a daily basis), I’m not a huge fan of the prospect of being killed or injured by a giant space rock. It might sound unlikely, but the meteor that struck Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013 injured almost 1500 people. Yikes.

Having, I think, made my point (space rocks: bad), you really need to check out this absolutely spectacular one that flew over south-east Michigan Tuesday night local time. Conveniently recorded from multiple viewpoints thanks to the fact that apparently just about everyone has a dashcam, the meteor made a stunning display of colours as it hurtled over motorists.

The meteor was so impressive, it managed to trigger an earthquake, with the United States Geological Survey reporting that a 2.0 magnitude quake they detected was caused by the meteor. Space is crazy, man.