Since its inception as a globalising force of good and evil and no doubt right up until the last meme is sent as we hurdle into the sun, the internet’s greatest strength is its ability to bring us pictures of animals doing cool shit.

Say what you will about its other uses, the internet is almost purely made to show off cats and dogs. And porn. That’s about it.

Which brings us to today’s slice of whimsical animal-based internettery: the new trend of painting your pet’s nails to match your own, a craze that is going off across Twitter and the like at the mo.

Quick disclaimer before you go for the nearest Big Apple Red polish and dollop some on little Fido, know that most human nail polish contains chemicals and shit generally considered not great, or even poisonous to your beloved balls of fluff with these examples shown using non-toxic stickers or clear “nail caps”.

Now that that’s out of the way, EEEEEEE look at their little feeties perfectly matching their mums and dads!!!! 

Ah so pure, so nice, so very, very good. Head to Twitter to cop some more.

Image: Twitter / Necromancer_95.