Goon bags might be a thing of your 19-year-old past, but it’s hard to go past their ease of use. Dispensing wine from a tap is all time, but sadly, it’s not super luxe to plonk a box of goon in the middle of a dinner party.

Not anymore. Australian start-up Pord is set to change that. They’re making wine dispensers that are actually chic, thanks to actual art on the outside.

“Available in an extremely limited run, each Pord comes with an artists’ note and a certificate of authenticity, hand signed and numbered by the artist,” the brand says.

Buyers can select one of three wines from Victoria’s Mitchelton winery, and their dispenser is filled with the equivalent of four bottles.

The aim of Pord is not just to provide a luxe alternative to the goon bag for your future dinners, it’s also about sustainability.

“Almost half of a bottle of wine’s environmental impact is its packaging, and only around 20% of glass bottles are fully recycled,” they explain. “Holding the equivalent of four standard bottles, Pord also contributes to lowering CO2 emissions and reduces the volume of waste that ends up in landfill by reimagining wine as a product.”

You can pre-order your customised Pord now from their website now.

Image: Supplied