Watch Shaquille O’Neal Take One Hell Of A Tumble On Live TV

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that live TV ain’t a tough gig.

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing at the moment, which means US broadcasters and analysts are logging some serious screen hours, and the majority of it is live – unscripted, unedited, everything that happens gets beamed around the world.
And whilst everyone’s fully conscious of their language and quips – forever walking the knife’s edge of standards and practices – sometimes you simply forget where your feet are.
Shaquille O’Neal found this out the hard way. During a broadcast of Inside The NBA at halftime of today’s game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers, The Big Aristotle got his mighty hoof tangled in a monitor cable and ate a severe amount of shit as a result, tumbling off the raised set platform to the studio floor. All on very, very live television.

Fortunately for him, The Hobo Master has a good sense of humour about things, offering up a cash reward for the best gag.

Fortunately for us, the internet has obliged him.

Shaq-Fu. Having fun and getting paid since 1992.

Photo: D Dipasupil via Getty Images.