WATCH: ESPN Called A Drunken NFL Streaker Like It Was The MFing Super Bowl

In what was supposed to be the crowning moment where the NFL ended a twenty-year injustice, the most interesting thing about the city of Los Angeles‘ return to professional American football came at the hands of some drunken hubris and a very bored veteran broadcaster.
The Rams first game representing LA since 1994 was a bloody woeful affair by every measurable statistic, as the San Francisco 49ers (themselves not exactly a strong outfit) made them look absolutely stupid on the march to a 28-0 opening week shutout.
But on what was otherwise a profound anti-climax to the NFL’s return to Monday Night Football, the highlight of the night – by a freakin’ mile – came from veteran ESPN broadcaster Kevin Harlan and a drunken fan who decided to let himself onto the field.
With the game well beyond question in the fourth, the fan sprinted onto the turf at Levi’s Stadium, causing the game to temporarily pause and the directorial team to keep the cameras off the lunatic, as per policy with just about all major sports.
But that didn’t stop Harlan. Oh, hell no. He called that sonofabitch’s run yard-for-yard with gusto, like he was James Harrison rumbling 100-yards for the pick six in Super Bowl XLIII.
It’s glorious. The kind of call you can only get away with when you’ve been doing this shit for 34-odd years and are faced with a game as boring as hell as this one was.

In case you wanted to see exactly how much ground the fan managed to cover, Twitter has thankfully provided. Hint: It was a lot.

The balls on that guy to not only run onto a sporting field in a notoriously tazer-happy country, but to do it in a sport where the field is covered in giant muscly men in pads whose job is to hit people REALLY FUCKING HARD. Bravery and stupidity are two sides of the same coin.

Speaking of Twitter, the jokes, unlike the Rams offence, were not slow to get going.

You know you’re sucking all over the world when even the broadcast commentary team is sick of your shit.

It’s gonna be a long-ass year, Rams fans.

Source: Twitter.