It’s Monday, and I presume you’re feeling deeply unmotivated about labouring for the rest of the week in an unfeeling system which treats you as a mere replaceable cog for whom joy is fleeting and economic returns are the only metric worth seriously considering.

So why not watch this video of a dude in Costa Rica pulling off a BMX backflip down a flight of 11 steps?

It’s 21-year-old Kenneth Tencio, and he’s been practicing this one for five years. “Backflipping down a set of stairs has been joked about for years, but never seemed like a realistic possibility until now,” said BMX expert Kyle Carlson of Tencio’s stunt.

I’m not sure it’s such a distant possibility – it’s been attempting plenty of times, with the results lovingly documented in those 25 minute videos from FailArmy.

Happy Monday.

Source: Red Bull.