WATCH: Aussie F1 Driver Throws Cheeky Shaka During Risky As Hell Pass

Surf’s up, brah. 

Aussie F1 Daniel Ricciardo pulled off what commentator Martin Brundle called ‘the pass of the year’ in the Italian Grand Prix, nuzzling past Valtteri Bottas on a tight corner on lap 47. The reasonably daring manoeuvre eased him into fifth place, and gave him more than enough time to celebrate his victory with a cheeky little shaka.

Ricciardo, who races with Red Bull, conceded in a postgame interview that he knew he had little chance against his contenders with Ferrari and Mercedes – so fifth place was what he jostling for.

Bottas, to his credit, allowed Riccciardo to slide past him without providing too much trouble – which could be dangerous as hell considering the riskiness of the move. Shakaaaaas.
Source: Fox Sports / Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.