The Warriors Blew A 31 Lead Again & The Internet Is Having A Field Day

It happened again. It happened again. The Golden State Warriors blew another three one lead. You wouldn’t dream about it. You wouldn’t even consider it. It’s outrageous. It’s ridiculous. It’s downright preposterous. But somehow it’s happened. Again. Again.

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After collapsing in on themselves in the 2016 NBA Finals, coughing up a 3-1 series lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers and becoming the butt of an incredibly funny joke in the process, you’d think something like that would simply never occur again.

And yet today, in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series against the LA Clippers, it did: The Warriors coughed up a 31-point lead – THIRTY ONE POINT LEAD – and somehow let the Clippers steal an impossible 135 – 131 win. That is the largest successful comeback in NBA Playoff history, just FYI.

If you thought for even a second that the internet was gonna let the Warriors get away with shitting the bed to the tune of *that specific number combination*… hoo boy.

Social media has lit up like NYE fireworks following the spectacular capitulation, with gags and memes and everything in between flying thick and fast.

Folks, there aren’t many things better or funnier than the Golden State Warriors falling ass over tit. Get the reactions into ya.

Golden State losing in a game involving anything to do with the numbers 3 and 1: It’s never not funny. It’s the good shit. It sustains us all.